Benefits of an aromatherapy nebulizer

essential oil diffuser nebulizer

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the difference in the functions and the results being achieved by using ultrasonic diffusers, humidifiers and nebulizers. Though all of these three are used to diffuse essential oils around you, but there is a huge difference in their mode of action and hence they serve particular functions  according to the requirements.

If you have opted to get a best essential oil diffuser nebulizer and need to know what you can achieve by using it, then read through the following paragraphs to have a better understanding of its usefulness:

It diffuses a higher concentration of essential oils

Due to the fact that a nebulizer uses an air pumping action to diffuse the essential oils into the air and uses pure essential oils rather than a mixture of it in water, it gives a higher concentration of scent into the air. It’s best to be used when you need to have a concentrated mist around for therapeutic purposes like opening blocked nose and other breathing issues.

Aroma diffused by a nebulizer gives quicker results

Due to the fact, it diffuses pure essential oils and not a mixture of water with it, the results are visible quickly.

The speed to spread the fumes is faster as compared to the ultrasonic diffusers

As compared to the ultrasonic diffusion the speed of diffusion is too high and you will not have to wait for hours to achieve the desired aroma around your room.

The aroma lasts longer when diffused via a nebulizer

essential oil diffuser nebulizer

Due to the high concentration and the greater speed of diffusion the aroma gets spread around the room quickly and last longer as compared to the fragrance that has been diffused using a mixture of water and the EO’s.

Easy to maintain and clean

An essential oil diffuser nebulizer is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s because there are three separate parts the pump, the well containing the EO and the nebulizer bottle. And you only have to clean a glass nebulizer bottle that is easily washable and the EO container which can be cleaned using a wet cloth.

All these benefits make an essential oil diffuser nebulizer a perfect machine for those who need to have a diffuser for therapeutic purposes mostly rather than just creating a  soothing atmosphere. Though it can serve in any condition you need to diffuse the aroma around you.